Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 10:00AM
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Hot Cereal

Including dried fruit, granola, brown sugar and maple syrup



Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat         

 8oz                          $2.59



 12oz                       $2.99



Breakfast Panini $5.99

Bacon or Turkey Bacon Panini

 (Artisan bread, 2 eggs, Swiss cheese, spinach and bacon)                                        



Assorted Pasteries, Scones, or Muffins

    Organic Bagels with Cream Cheese $2.99



    Cinnamon Rolls Lg.                           $2.99                                                     



    Mini Donuts (5pk)                              $2.99                                     



    Mini Scones (2pk)                               $2.89                                     



    Chocolate or Almond Croissant      $2.79




     Butter Croissant                                  $2.59




Danish Pastries, Assorted Muffins



    Breakfast Sweet Bread                      $2.59                                                                                     



    Apple Fritter                                        $1.99






    Deli Bread artisan bread (1)



    or English muffin                                $1.29                                     




Breads or bagels are available to be toasted upon request.





    Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter          $.79       



    Baby Bell Cheese                                $1.29     



Yogurt - assorted flavors $1.59

Fresh Fruit $1.29


Rhody Cranberry Ice Tea (16 oz)            $1.69



Co Go Juice                                                 $3.79



Purity Organic Juice                                  $2.59



Sweet Leaf Organic Iced Tea                   $1.99



Juice, Snapple                                             $1.69



Juice, Izze Sparking                                   $1.99



Water, San Pellegrino Sparkling            $1.99



Water, Vitamin                                            $1.69



Soda, Can                                                     $1.29



        Water, 20oz                                                  $1.49



Water, 1 liter                                                $1.69



Thank you for dining with us this morning and have a great day!